The health of the dog

Why is quality rest important for a dog?

Dogs lead an enviable life. After a full night’s sleep, they spend their days dozing in the sunlight and on their favorite spots. When they wake up, they often have enough energy for instant play and sports. Dogs sleep differently than humans. They sleep and lounge more, sometimes up to 13 hours a day. This means that quality sleep and rest are precisely what maintains their health and vitality.

What problems accompany dogs with insufficient rest?

More intense reactions to stressful stimuli. Irritability and mood disorders. Weak memory. Learning ability. Research has shown that these are symptoms exhibited by dogs with insufficient sleep or those spending time in neglected conditions in small and stressful environments. Does it also remind you that the symptoms of sleep deprivation in dogs are similar to ours?


How to improve the sleep of your dogs?

There are several steps you can take to ensure a better environment for your dog’s quality rest and sleep. Try to stick to routines every day. Let the dog sleep alone. Provide a quality mattress or bed for the dog. Maintain a calm sleeping environment for the dog.

Choose the best for your little darling.